Illustration is my passion; I am able to work in a variety of art styles and I am proficient in using both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


I love consistency in my branding; I enjoy creating a striking and appropriate identity that best serves the person, product or business.

UX Design

I understand the importance of User Experiences, designing visually satisfying products that are accessible and enjoyable to use.

About Me

Josh Toan

Hi, I’m Josh, and I am a recent graduate of Interaction Design from the Belfast School of Art. I am a highly creative and enthusiastic individual with a passion for digital design and illustration. I believe that through creating something that is visually striking, while also being thoughtfully designed, we can communicate with people in a whole other way. I have always aspired to create things that fuel the imaginations of those who interact with them, in the same way that art, comic books and films have fuelled my imagination for as long as I can remember.

What I Offer

Do I offer something that you need? Take a look at some of the projects that I have completed, from creative branding to a fully illustrated children’s book.


I have always loved comic books, so naturally when I was given an open brief for an icon set I decided to theme it around favourite heroes and villains. With comic book films and TV shows being so prevalent I thought that it would be fun to take a handful of characters and create icons that highlight how their onscreen costumes have changed throughout the years, from TV to film.

I made the decision to focus purely on the torso of each character in order to get the most detail in my icons and, in the Joker’s case, show how the clothing that the character wears can be just as recognisable as his psychotic smile and green hair.

Little Wing Pizzeria

I was tasked with designing an App for Little Wing Pizzeria. The App was to be aimed at children, in hopes of getting them more involved with the Little Wing brand. I began by brainstorming ideas and building user personas to form an idea of what kind of app a child aged 5 to 10 would enjoy. With this done I moved on to paper prototypes for what would become, The Leaning Tower of Pizza.

The Leaning Tower of Pizza is a tower building game, designed to be easy to just pick up and put down. Pizzas are being made lightning fast in the Little Wing kitchen and you have to stack them up, ready to go out to the customers. The aim is to build the tower as high and as stable as possible to avoid it collapsing, once you feel that your tower has reached its limit, tap the bell and the pizzas will be brought to the tables and your score will be saved.

Uncommon Knowledge

I was tasked with creating a brand for Christopher Murphy’s proposed series of workshops and accompanying books, Uncommon Knowledge. The brief called for a consistent brand as well as touch points and so I looked at a variety of competitors whilst doing my research for the project, with the aim of finding a way to set Uncommon Knowledge apart, to make it both accessible and eye catching.

As the project developed so did the possibility of Uncommon Knowledge focusing less on workshops that people would physically attend and more on online classes and video tutorials. This gave me the idea to design the Uncommon App, a hub for everything Uncommon Knowledge. The App would not only be home to the tutorials themselves but also allow you to purchase and read the accompanying books.


Azure is an undersea adventure that is modelled on the popular Choose Your Own Adventure series of books from the late 70s and 80s. The story sees the reader take on the role of The Diver who has been separated from their crew, the reader must therefore make a number of choices in order to overcome the dangers that lie in the oceans depths and be reunited with their crew.

I began the process by planning out how the book would unfold, no small task when crafting a book with multiple paths and endings, from here a created storyboards and both paper and digital prototypes. I am proud to say that I was able to use my graphics tablet along with Adobe Photoshop to complete just short of 70 fully illustrated pages to form my first book, Azure.

Coming Soon!

Azure will be releasing on the iBooks store.

The Devil's in the Detail

I wanted to create a series of wallpapers and book covers that challenged the way that I usually work. With each piece I opted to strip away the detail and let the colours take centre stage.


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Josh Toan